Marsha Ambrosius Sobs 2014

Many music lovers got their first taste of Marsha Ambrosius once she landed in Philly from the UK as part of Floetry at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s A Touch of Jazz studios. Marsha would go on to become a star as part of Floetry before branching out as a solo artist and reaching even greater heights.

We really did hear much of the music she recorded in her native UK. That is until now, when we get a taste of the song “Is This Real” which was recorded in 1997, 5 years before the debut album from Floetry.

As you can hear, the style of the song is totally different from anything we’ve heard from Marsha before, including her both rapping and singing!

When we reached out to Marsha about the song, she let us know her then manager had connections at radio and this song actually topped the radio charts in the UK. This allowed Marsha to tour the UK for a few months and even open for Beenie Man!

An incredible piece of history to check out and enjoy.