Rare Gem: Sam Salter “Incomplete” (Original Version)

So before Sisqo ended up singing this song, it was originally recorded by L.A. Reid’s artist Sam Salter. The song was going to appear on his second album “Little Black Book”, but the album was shelved so Sam’s version of the song never saw the light day until recently when the song appeared on the internet. Producers Shep Crawford and Montell Jordan talk about the history of the record and how it ended up going to Sisqo.


  • Terrance says:

    Oh wow…never knew! Thanx 4 this.

  • Justin L says:

    He needs another album for real

  • Justin L says:

    and Sisqo’s version is better in my eyes.

  • Slam says:

    I agree about Sisqo’s version being better. His voice just has adds a little more to the song.

  • exofaco_844 says:

    One of my favourite artists, such a shame he was never able to drop his second album which is a classic in my eyes.

    Both Sam and Sisqo have great, distinctive voices, however I wish Sam got the chance to release this track.

  • Mishca says:

    I luv Sam more than Sisqo especially “Your face” that’s my jam,ringtone my all the time jam, but Sisqo on this one gets 90% n my man Sam 80% or maybe is cos I heard Sisqo’s one first n I need to give Sam time first. Mishca from South Africa