Tha Rayne were an R&B group discovered by producer Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature and signed to his label Divine Mill in a partnership with Arista. The group featured Yummy Bingham who is still active to this day as a solo artist and were also featured on Jaheim’s single “Fabulous”. They never got a chance to release their debut album “Reign Supreme”, but “Luv Bug” was a standout song from that project. When we interviewed Yummy Bingham a few years ago, she told us about the song:

Yummy Bingham: That’s the one record that we all wrote on our own! Our boy Jimi Kendrix produced that record. “Luv Bug” was a really crazy record the way it came together. I had just had a loss in the family, my great aunt had just passed, so creatively and business wise I wasn’t trying to hear anything and see anybody. They told me I had to get the job done and the show had to go on no matter what, so we put together the record “Luv Bug”.