Trey Songz I gotta Make it Album Cover

“Only You” is a currently unreleased song by Trey Songz featuring Jay-Z that was recorded prior to the release of his debut album “I Gotta Make It”. The song surfaced around 2004, a year before the budding r&b star would release his first album on Atlantic Records. It’s hard to find any information on why this song didn’t make the cut, though it does feature a sample that could potentially cause clearance issues, but it hasn’t been included on anything he’s put out since.

Trey Songz was not an overnight success by any means, and it really took until his 3rd album “Ready” for him to become a household name. When we interviewed producer Troy Taylor, who has worked with him since the start, he shared some insight into his journey:

Troy Taylor: Nah. Pretty much, we came in with a finished album with Trey. The A&R at the time really wasn’t allowing us to do what we do and what he signed in the first place for. It took two years and it was really unnecessary. Trey developed more, but he was already developed when he got signed. It happened the way it needed to happen I guess, but it just wasn’t right because he was already ready to come out. That’s why the third album that really set him off was called “Ready” because we felt he cut his braids, he stopped wearing baggy clothes, and just matured up.