Rell Drom 2012

Rare Gems: Rell "Say It Aint So" & Musiq Soulchild “Say It Aint So” (Produced by Mike City)

Rell Franks Lounge October 2014 SOBs



As I brought to the attention of Rell in the interview, Musiq at some point re-recorded his song “Say It Aint So.” After with speaking with Rell, I’m able to put the pieces together and understand what really happened. Since the song was written by Mike City, he probably gave it to Musiq after it was obvious that Rell’s “The Remedy” album was not going to release. Both are good in my opinion, but just imagine if we could hear a duet between these two at some point? Wow!

One comment

  • Brian Terrell says:

    Musiq Soulchild has more of a following than Rell had, even though they are equally talented vocally, Rell sounds more polished but it’s sad that niether have released such a beautiful colaberation with Mike City behind the lyrics. It’s real sad that good music get shelved while crap is still hitting shelves. No wonder the music industry is almost a thing of the past.