Brandy Afrodisiac Album Cover

Rare Gems: Brandy – Sirens & Nodding Off


Here are two tracks from Brandy that were were a limited issue off of her 2004 album “Afrodisiac.”

Both of the songs were produced by Timbaland, who also handled most of the production on that album.

“Sirens” was also written by Static Major.


  • jaesyn says:

    I absolutely luv “Nodding Off” by Brandy.It’s so hard to find this song online. I think this is the ONLY website that still has it! I would LUV to know where I can buy the album with this song on it!!

    • GLM says:

      Hey, jaesyn. I know it’s been over 2 years since you posted, so you may not even get this message. If you want to buy Afrodisiac with “Nodding Off” included on it, you can buy it at CDJapan’s website ( It’s more expensive than buying the album in America, but they actually sell import albums for a lot less, on average, than most sellers online. They’re also *in* Japan, so they have great resources. Hahaha.