We love digging up these r&b rare gems, because everyone once in awhile we come across these types of amazing songs we would have otherwise never known about.

“Up All Night” is a slow jam that was set to included on Gina Thompson’s shelved sophomore album “If You Only Knew” and it features Jon B. “Cool Out With You” is a mellow jam produced by Jon B. and you can also hear his ad libs in the background.

In an interview we did with Jon years ago, he shared some of the details about how he ended up working with Gina Thompson:

Jon B.: That was a pleasure working with her. We did like four or five, I don’t even remember how many records we did. Gina Thompson was, for those who don’t remember, she sang that song *Sings* ‘The things you do, makes me keep running to you’ and that was the jam man back in the day! That was the jam! So I remember hearing that and being like ‘man who was that? I wanna work with her!”

Gina Thompson signed with Missy Elliott’s label Goldmine following the release of her debut album “Nobody Does it Better” which included the hit single “The Things That You Do”. However, she unfortunately never released an album while working with Missy. She eventually released the album “Missing You” in 2009.