Ravyn Lenae Hypnos

Chicago born singer/songwriter and R&B sensation Ravyn Lenae has just released her debut album “Hypnos” via Atlantic Records.

The new album features production and guest appearances from the likes of Kaytranada, Steve Lacy, Luke Titus, Monte Booker, Smino, Foushee, and more. This is the follow up project to her debut EP “Crush”. Ravyn adds about the project:

“When you listen to the music, I hope you have a better understanding of me and even catch a better understanding of yourself… As artists, we make music as a pathway to help other people understand certain aspects of their lives. I’ve gone through the tunnels and seen the light on the other side. I’m finding my way. I’m clearer on who I am and my power through music and lyricism. I’m pouring more into me, friendships, family, and music. Through all of that, I’m fulfilled.”

The artist is also about to head out on her own headlining tour in North America and Europe starting later this week.