1:06: Mariah Carey lipsync fiasco
5:47: Mariah’s upcoming tour with Lionel Richie
8:02: The return of Trey Songz braids
14:45: Chris Brown’s boxing match with Soulja Boy
19:25: Chris Brown’s decline as an artist
32:25: Social media’s effect on R&B
45:32: New R&B releases in 2017
49:40: Pharrell’s image now versus 10 years ago
52:00: Food discussion

Happy new years to everyone! We are back with a new podcast for you. First off, rest in peace to the legendary George Michael. We start off the podcast talking about Mariah Carey’s NYE fiasco and the impacts that it’ll have on her career. We also talk about her upcoming tour with Lionel Richie. We also talk about Trey Songz’ latest incident as well as the return of his braids. We discuss his hairstyle and how that will coincide with his upcoming album “Tremaine” which is set to come out later this year. We chat about the Chris Brown/Souja Boy foolery going on and what that means for R&B and Hip Hop. We also discuss Chris Brown’s inability to stay out of trouble and how much it is hurting his career. Lastly we talk about the effect that social media has on the genre of R&B as people are skimming songs nowadays.

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