In what was being dubbed as a “Evening of True Romance with Estelle”, the dynamic artist took the opportunity to introduce the audience to a live rendition of her new album. Hitting the stage at BB King’s in NYC last night, a seated audience found themselves standing and dancing the night away. It was being called a night of “True Romance”, but perhaps it was best suited to be called simply a party. Estelle came out and immediately went into new material, including her recent singles “Conqueror”, “Something Good” and “Make Her Say”. In the latter, she invited a random member of the audience on stage who showed her moves without hesitation. As the show continued on, she took some time to explain the creation. Prior to premiering her new song “The Same”, she talked about this part of the album being “The Bullshit” part; just as their is Bullshit in relationships. Of course, the night wasn’t all about new music and she took the audience through all of the hits like “Thank You”, “Come Over”, “Don’t Break My Heart” and of course “American Boy”. Estelle’s new album “True Romance” will release on Febraury 17th, and the performance tonight gave us a great sneak peek into the quality we can expect on there.

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