Neo-soul made a triumphant return to BB King’s last night as Floetry made their NYC stop on their reunion tour. The group is touring after a 9 year hiatus, and judging by the sold out audience, the fans have been waiting. Joining together on stage like they never parted, “The Songtress” Marsha Ambrosius and “The Floacist” Natalie Stewart said they were there to “go in” and wasted no time performing some album favorites. As Natalie effortlessly belted out lyrcis while Marsha softly crooned angelic melodies, it had us reminiscing to what the group once was.

The middle of the set was reserved for solo performances by each artist, allowing them to showcase some of the music they’ve put out since the split. However the biggest reception came when the group came back together on stage to perform the hits, which drew multiple standing ovations. While it’s not clear if the group has plans to record new music together, tonight was a great indication that R&B fans would appreciate it if they did. Either way, the Floetry legacy is alive and well.

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