Robin Thicke is back with his new single “Day One Friend”. The smooth single features Grammy award winning rapper Rapsody. This song is the first offering from Robin since his latest album “On Earth, and in Heaven” which he released independently via his label Thicke Music.

When we interviewed Robin Thicke last year, he talked about his excitement about being on an independent label and embarking on this new journey as an artist:

“There is the goods and the bads, I’m excited to own my own masters. After doing seven years with the major label, Jimmy Iovine had moved on from Interscope and it was a new vibe and I was a part of the old world. *Laughs* There’s all this new energy that comes in and they want to make their acts happen. Sometimes the older acts get a little pushed to the side. For me that’s ok. I was always supposed to make my own music anyway. I was never really a part of the machine. Once I got a little taste of that pop fame, I kind of chased it a little bit by working with all of the best producers. But recently I really settled into the kind of music that I want to leave behind. Now that I have children and I’ve lost my father and mentor, it’s more important to me about what kind of music I leave behind. It’s more important than staying hot or staying current in any way. I just want to make music I’ll be proud of when I leave this earth.”