Ryan Destiny How Your Hands Feel

Detroit born R&B sensation Ryan Destiny has just released her new single called “How Your Hands Feel”. The song was produced by Trackside.

She adds about the song in her own words:

“I wanted to step into my sensual side. The song is sexy but vulnerable as well. Missing someone and having to let them know the way they made you feel is not always easy but this song feels like the confident and forward version of that mood. A good double back anthem.”

“How Your Hands Feel” is an emotional journey through the nuances of connection and touch. Her raw, powerful vocals blend with infectious beats, showcasing her artistic evolution.

This follows the release of her previous singles “Doctor, My Eyes (cover),” “Lie Like That” and “How Many”.

Ryan Destiny is of course notable for the success she’s had on screen. She has already captivated audiences everywhere as a lead in the Lee Daniels smash series Star in addition to a recurring role on Grown-Ish.

She was also recently tapped to star in Barry Jenkins’ film “Flint Strong” which is set to release in summer of 2024.