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0:35: People hating on the website
2:52: Bryson Tiller releases new album “True To Self”
7:00: New songs from Mali Music, Ameriie and Stokley
11:00: Someone told us we’re too old for trap soul
19:10: Revisiting Ginuwine’s nomination into the hall of fame
22:05: Is Bryson Tiller really pushing the genre forward?
26:28: The need for a new radio format for the 2000’s R&B artists
41:11: What if for Usher’s career
44:22: What if for Justin Timberlake’s career

We are back with a unique edition of the podcast. With No Edd around, Kyle and Tom respond to some of the YouTube comments that we’ve all been receiving about the state of R&B. We start off the episode talking about Bryson Tiller’s album as we’re told he is the savior of R&B. We talk about the 90’s samples on his new album as well as his impact on the genre with his trap soul movement. Afterwards we talk about new releases from Mali Music, Jazmine Sullivan and Ameriie who made her return to R&B last week with her new song “REDRUM”.

Afterwards we talk about the trap soul genre and try to figure out who belongs in that demographic or if it’s only for a certain age bracket. We skip the hall of fame this week because Edd isn’t here, but we do revisit Ginuwine’s nomination as there are more points that point towards him being a good candidate for it. We also discuss the future of artists such as Chris Brown and Trey Songz who will be transitioning into that Urban AC market in the next 10 years. We also play the “what if” game by looking into the careers of Usher and Justin Timberlake and giving out different scenarios that could have potentially changed the landscape of everything.

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