Sparkle We Are Ready

Veteran singer Sparkle played a big part in the Lifetime documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly”, providing her perspective on her former mentor, and follows that up with the brand new single called “We Are Ready”.

As many in the industry have turned their backs on R. Kelly, Sparkle continues to be resilient in her stance against the legend. On her official site, Sparkle speaks of the new single as it “encompasses a mindset that women of all ethnicities should be proud to adopt. While Sparkle’s new single speaks for all, it speaks of the subtle misfortune that women of color have not been appropriately embraced as part of the #METOO movement.”

The song makes a strong statement as the single declares W.A.R. (We Are Ready) for all women and gives insight to life’s journey she calls “Obstacle Course”, that she continues to navigate.