Aaliyah - Aaliyah Album Cover

Yes you are reading that title correct, this was in fact a demo that was partially recorded by Aaliyah. The reason we know that is because we spoke with the producer of the song, Bud’da, who confirmed this information. We talked to Bud’da for an exclusive interview and he confirmed the details to us. Can you imagine Aaliyah on this?? Wow!

Bud’da: “We did a couple of songs like that like a song called “True Entertainer” which Static did. It was one of those songs where he was definitely feeling it. And he was doing it for her, but was he? *laughs* Static was like ‘Dawg, this is me!’ We cut it and then one night, it was real late, she ended up cutting the hook and we didn’t get around to the verses. It’s interesting too because you know how aggressive that song is. The song sounds crazy.”