After 7 Timeless Album Cover

R&b group After 7 have just released their new album “Timeless” and you can stream it now via Spotify. The project is led by the top 10 Urban A/C radio singles “Let Me Know” and “I Want You”.

Original collaborator Babyface also came on board to help produce the whole project. It is the group’s first album in over 20 years.

In a recent interview, the group revealed to us how they got back together to do the album after a long hiatus.

After 7 (Keith): I think what sparked it was Kevon’s brother, Jason’s uncle Babyface. It came about as he was recording his project. He had some songs that didn’t work for him, and as he was going through the songs, he thought maybe we could bring After 7 back with some of the music. The main thing for us is that Melvin was an integral part of it coming together. We as After 7 as you see us, a little over a year ago, we didn’t plan for this to happen. It kinda just happened. All of the elements came together when Babyface came up with the idea and went to Melvin and he said he was willing to come back. That put it in play. Prior to that, honestly, we were really content with the catalog and the work that we had put into After 7. To come back and marginalize a re-entry without having those ingredients we had initially in 1989, it was just a voyage we didn’t want to take without the original components. We didn’t want to come back without the same quality of writing, production, and songs. When Babyface came to the table, that kind of took that out of play. To have his support and endorsement and enthusiasm, it put it all back into play for us.

Make sure you support the return of After 7 and pick up the new album!