Syleena Johnson One Stage to the Next

Syleena Johnson has just announced her upcoming original docuseries called “One Stage To The Next” which will air on TV One. The show is set to premiere on December 14th, 2021 at 10 PM EST with back to back episodes.

The series will follow award-winning singer Syleena Johnson as she continues to navigate through life and the entertainment industry. The will document the singer/songwriter/talk show host goes out on a journey of self discovery to reveal her pain, passion and perseverance.

Johnson has graced stages for over 20 years sharing her musical gift and timeless hits with her audiences. Now she has found a new stage in performing as a fitness competitor. She adds:

“I wanted to challenge myself to conquer the unknown. I wanted to change not just my body, but my mind, my heart, and my life. I have always felt like TV One is family, but words can’t express how grateful and excited I am to be the creator and executive producer of my own story. Partnering with familiar faces and brilliant minds that I trust have allowed me to tell my story on this amazing platform.”

“One Stage To The Next was created and narrated by Syleena Johnson for TV One.