I had been told by many that Tank was a good live performer, but I hadn’t had a chance to see for myself until his album release party for “Now or Never” tonight; and man were they right! He opened the show by coming out in a cap and gown and giving a speech on his graduation from Atlantic University and spoke about what’s wrong in the industry. He followed up by going into a few of his new songs from “Now Or Never” which were packed full of energy and had the fans going wild. Another highlight of the show was after his performance of “Emergency,” he talked about men not treating their women right and it’s an “Emergency” for women to have to pay to get their own nails done. He proceeded to go around the crowd asking women how much they paid for their nails, and handed them that exact amount in cash! Later in the show, after crooning “Please Don’t Go” repeatedly while his band all left the stage, he told the fans “sometimes you end up all alone” and sat behind the piano for a stirring rendition of his cover of “Can’t Make You Love Me.” Overall, one of the best shows I’ve been to this year!

6) Heartbreaker
7) Emergency
8) Maybe I Deserve
9) Please Don’t Go
10) I Can’t Make You Love Me