Tank Stronger Cover Art

Following the premiere of his video for “You’re My Star” today, Tank has announced that his new album “Stronger” will release on August 12th. This will be Tank’s 6th studio albumm and the follow up to 2012’s “This is How I Feel” and 2013’s “Three Kings” with TGT. You can also check out the cover art above, a snippet of the title track we featured last week, and our recap of his album listening event last month. In our recently exclusive interview with Tank, here’s how he described the sound of the upcoming album:

Tank: It’s back to that classic r&b, live musicians, good lyricism, good energy. Back in the day, we had great tempo for our music and the subject matter brought families together. These songs were played at the picnics and family reunions. When the family was in the same room at the same time and when the song came on everybody would be like “Oohh that’s my song!” and they all started doing the “Mashed Potato” or whatever it was. It’s time to have those moments again. It’s time for people to feel music again, not just hear it for a couple of weeks and forget about it the next month. To have some music actually define a space and time, that’s what I’m trying to do.