Teedra Moses Luxurious Undergrind

Here is the remix to “Another Luvr” which is on Teedra Moses’ latest mixtape “Luxurious Undergrind”

Here’s what Teedra had to say about the song in our interview with her last month:

Teedra Moses: This was recorded the day before I put out the mixtape and that’s why the mix of that one is kinda wack. I love the sample I used on the song from A Tribe Called Quest, and I love that group, but I love the sample so I just wrote the song to that sample. I just kept writing phrases and writing passes to just that intro. Then I called my homeboy who’s my engineer and one of my favorite producers, Donnie Cash, I asked him if he could send me the bass line looped and then he did, he sent me the beat. I actually wrote the first verse and the hook before he sent me the beat, and then I wrote the rest of the song.