The Shindellas Hits That Stick Like Grits

The Shindellas are set to release their long awaited debut album “Hits That Stick Like Grits” next month on September 12th via Weirdo Workshop/The Orchard.

The group is presented by duo Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly aka Louis York, who coin the group’s brand of music as “New American Soul”. It certainly is a fresh and unique sound that we’ve heard on each of the singles released so far.

The group is made up of members Kasi Jones, Stacy Johnson, and Tamara Chauniece. They operate under the belief that when women come together, powerful change can happen. You can expect to get rhythms, emotion, and everything that is great about soul music on the group’s debut album “Hits That Stick Like Grits”.

The group adds:

“We are very excited to finally release ‘Hits That Sticks Like Grits’ and the process of making this album has been so amazing working with Chuck and Claude. This album is a love letter to the music that we grew up on and where we want to fit in. As The Shindellas, we want to leave an impression and this album is a great start.”

The group have taken the music scene by storm since launching in 2017. They intend to make a real impact with their sound and style, and this debut album will be the first step.