We’re back with another #SoulBackPodcast episode. We talk about new music from Brian McKnight, Toni Braxton and Missy Elliott. We also discuss Tank’s comments about wanting to do concerts in the midst of this pandemic. We talk about new projects from Sugah, Avant and Jagged Edge and discuss what we should expect from them on their upcoming releases. We also highlight an emerging R&B singer named Jayla Darden who has caught our attention. Lastly we talk about Ja Rule’s amazing commercial about gyros.

0:01:24 – Remembering Super Mario Bros. 2
0:03:17 – Ja Rule’s commercial about Greek food
0:05:30 – True/False: The hardest working artists are the ones that get to the top
0:15:20 – Our thoughts on Brian McKnight’s final album “Exodus”
0:23:30 – Is this really Brian McKnight’s last album?
0:28:50 – Our thoughts on Toni Braxton and Missy Elliott’s “Do It”
0:37:10 – Addressing Avant’s health rumors
0:38:20 – What does pre-ordering an album mean in 2020?
0:41:50 – Jagged Edge has pushing their album back for a whole year now
0:47:55 – Our thoughts on Jayla Darden’s new song “Demonstration”
0:49:15 – SoulBack Track Of The Day: Tweet – Call Me and new EP with her girl group Sugah.
0:51:50 – Playa Please Award: Kanye West’s new shoes, artists wanting to have concerts during the COVID-19 pandemic

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