On this SoulBack R&B podcast, we talk about some of the latest releases from Chris Brown, JoJo Hailey, Mr. Dalvin and Ledisi. We also talk about Brandy’s upcoming album and the promotion leading up to the release in two weeks. We also talk about some of the changing trends in the industry including deluxe versions of albums as well as streaming overtaking sales. We attempt to give our top 10 greatest R&B songs of the 90’s which includes the Monica record “Before You Walk Out Of My Life”. Speaking of Monica, we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of her debut album.

0:01:05 – Interesting video game facts
0:05:15 – The dangers of social media when it comes to mental health
0:14:35 – New music from Chris Brown, JoJo Hailey and Ledisi
0:21:00 – Looking ahead to Brandy’s upcoming album and the promotion for it
0:24:08 – How do we measure the success of an artist in 2020?
0:29:00 – Redefining what a deluxe version of an album is in the streaming era
0:33:00 – Our favorite songs from Total
0:35:46 – Top 10 greatest R&B songs from the 90’s
0:44:42 – Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Monica’s debut album “Miss Thang”
0:50:23 – SoulBack Track Of The Day: 702 – Gotta Leave

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