We’re back with a brand new episode of the podcast. We talk about H.E.R.’s dominance in R&B right now as she just won a few more GRAMMY’s. We also talk about some new music from Ruff Endz, Pleasure P and Brian McKnight. We also talk about the state of the industry today and how it compares to the mid 2000’s. Lastly we list out the top 10 saddest R&B songs of all time which includes Boyz II Men’s “Doing Just Fine”. Check us out and also follow us @SoulBackPodcast on Instagram and Twitter.

0:03:15 – Tom’s R&B Trivia
0:17:19 – H.E.R. and her dominance in today’s industry
0:30:53 – Kyle’s chicken intermission: Favorite spreads on bread
0:38:40 – Artists in the 2000s all using the same producers
0:50:15 – New music picks of the week: Ruff Endz, Pleasure P and Brian McKnight
0:53:23 – The top 10 saddest R&B songs of all time
1:01:05 – Edd’s love letters

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