We’re back with a new episode of the podcast. We continue our discussion on The Encore show as the Cherish/702 conflict as really sparked up opinions on Twitter. We also talk about new music from Justine Syke, H.E.R. and Snoh Aalegra. Lastly we look at albums in 2021 and debate whether they should be considered playlists because of the amount of songs on these projects as well as the random features. Lastly we give a history lesson on T-Pain and his usage on R&B. We look at how he impacted the genre long term and what that meant for R&B.

0:01:06 – There’s no tuna in Subway’s tuna sub?!
0:02:00 – The drama on BET’s “The Encore”
0:08:19 – Will this TV show benefit any of the artists musically?
0:12:32 – The album cover for Snoh Aalegra’s “Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies”
0:15:08 – Is there a difference between a playlist and an album in today’s streaming era? Using H.E.R.’s debut album as an example.
0:25:30 – Kyle will retire from R&B for good if this new Usher album isn’t good
0:30:00 – T-Pain vs Usher: a discussion on autotune
0:46:00 – Love letters: Nivea – Don’t Mess With My Man

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