The SoulBack R&B podcast is back! On this week’s episode, we talk about new music from Ari Lennox and Muni Long. We also talk about Aaliyah’s upcoming album which includes the new single “Posion” with The Weeknd. We also talk about the Jodeci reunion and if more R&B groups need to reunite, Lastly we play a fun game to decide which R&B ballads are the strongest from male artists. Check us out!

0:02:10 – JD Vegan Ice-Cream, Taco Bell’s chicken wings, White Castle/Fat Joe collaboration
0:06:20 – Which table are you sitting at: Male R&B ballads edition
0:12:36 – What R&B groups need to reunite?
0:17:00 – 90’s R&B fans aren’t streaming which hurts the genre
0:20:44 – Aaliyah’s upcoming album has features from The Weeknd, Future and more
0:29:15 – Brandy and Mariah Carey are working on a song together!
0:31:55 – Albums missing from other outlets’ year end lists
0:35:28 – Is there a difference between what The Weeknd is doing with his throwback sound and Bruno Mars’ retro music?
0:39:00 – Muni Long and Ari Lennox land their first hits on the Billboard Hot 100
0:41:10 – Should artists handle their own social media pages?

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