soulback podcast 145

Beyonce is back with a new album so that only means SoulBack needs to return to talk about R&B. We talk about the “Renaissance” album and dissect the music as well as the marketing for it. We also talk about new music from the likes of Chris Brown, DVSN as well as Men At Large. We also talk about the new supergroup RSVP and the potential that they have. Lastly we talk about some current events such as the Irv Gotti/Ashanti drama as well as Ne-Yo’s recent news and how it will affect his career and his fanbase. Check us out!

0:02:00 – Our thoughts on Beyonce’s “Renaissance” album
0:06:52 – What R&B artists still have a team for quality control?
0:10:47 – The release strategy for the Beyonce album
0:16:40 – The problem with sampling in R&B today
0:19:07 – Even John Legend is dropping a double album at this point!
0:27:02 – Edd paid $100 for VIP Chris Brown Meet & Greet tickets??
0:30:00 – Will the new supergroup R&B RSVP work? (Ray J, Sammie, Bobby V, Pleasure P)
0:36:40 – Taylor Swift doesn’t know 3LW??
0:39:08 – The upcoming Millennium tour has 15 performers…….
0:45:55 – The problem with DVSN’s new song
0:54:20 – The one million dollar question: Bear, Lion, Hippo, Crocodile
0:57:18 – Love Letters: Ashanti/Irv Gotti, Ne-Yo backlash on social media
1:09:01 – Stan culture when it comes to Chloe Bailey and Normani

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