On this week’s episode of SoulBack R&B Podcast, we talk about all the hot topics in R&B. Even though we promised not to engage in Diddy’s “Is R&B Dead?” conversation, we do talk about some of the challenges that R&B artists are facing in the industry today. We also talk about new music from Robin Thicke and Babyface. Lastly we talk about some of the current songs charting on the Adult R&B stations to see if we are still in tuned with R&B today or if we’re falling behind. Check us out!

0:02:00 – Chick-fil-A sauce
0:03:25 – RIP Jesse Powell and remembering his career
0:06:00 – Robin Thicke’s new single “Brown Liquor”
0:09:31 – R&B may not be dead, but the business model for selling R&B is struggling
0:18:31 – Doja Cat is announcing that she’s making an R&B album
0:23:30 – Tyga sampled Lil Flip’s “Sunshine”??
0:26:02 – Diddy’s LOVE” sessions with all the big R&B artists and producers
0:33:27 – Remembering the 106 & Park era
0:42:06 – Looking ahead to Babyface’s new album “Girls Night Out”
0:57:24 – Looking at the Adult R&B radio charts
1:04:02 – Love Letters: Tipping at a restaurant

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