We’re back with another episode of the SoulBack R&B Podcast. The GRAMMY nominations came out so we touched on that, but most importantly we break down the process for listeners out there. We also talk about Coco Jones new EP. We also talk about Chris Brown’s “Under The Influence” and the success that it has garnered via Tik Tok. Lastly we talk about the state of Adult R&B and the challenge that veteran artists such as Usher face when trying to crossover to mainstream R&B. Lastly we go over some Gen Z slang words in hopes that we can connect with the younger R&B listeners better!

0:03:50 – Christmas is coming!
0:08:20 – Songs blowing up on Tik Tok and it leading to chart success
0:15:10 – Our thoughts on Babyface’s album “Girls Night Out” and what the sound means for R&B
0:09:31 – R&B may not be dead, but the business model for selling R&B is struggling
0:23:47 – Gen Z slang words
0:28:34 – Jermaine Dupri says Usher’s current music is too old for mainstream R&B
0:43:40 – The GRAMMY voting process
0:50:58 – R&B Love Letters: Usher – What’s A Man To Do