DJ Kay Gee SoulBack Podcast

On this week’s SoulBack R&B podcast, we have DJ Kay Gee. Now of course know him from being part of the legendary rap group Naughty by Nature, but did you know he also introduced everyone to artists such as Next, Jaheim and Zhane? We chat with the producer about his Divine Mill imprint as well as his new artist Leah Jenea. He gives shares insight into where his group Koffee Brown is, early Jaheim stories as well as the good and bad that goes on in the music industry. We also find out Jaheims’s “Just In Case” was originally a ballad by Koffee Brown!!! As for new music, we talk about Mariah’s new “A No No” remix, Usher’s “Confessions 2” album that’s coming out soon along with Ciara’s new album. We also talk about Beyonce’s new Adidas shoes!

0:01:25 – Beyonce’s new Adidas sneakers
0:03:50 – Pleasure P brings out Keith Sweat at the Millennium tour
0:10:30 – Ciara has already released almost half of her “Beauty Marks” album
0:14:15 – Mariah Carey drops another remix for “A No No” and it’s still not Lil Kim, Cardi B and Missy Elliott
0:17:01 – Keri Hilson and Usher are putting out new albums this year
0:21:40 – Which album is the best: Faith Evan’s debut, Deborah Cox “One Wish, Tamia’s debut, Kelly Price’s “Soul Of A Woman”
0:29:53 – Kay Gee joins the #SoulBackPodcast to talk WWE
0:29:53 – What happened to Koffee Brown?
0:38:10 – Will DJ Kay Gee be working with Next and Jaheim again?
0:43:10 – The art of not taking things personally when artists branch out
0:45:20 – Watching Hip Hop and R&B evolve over the years
0:51:20 – New artist Leah Jenea
0:54:00 – Artists ranting on Instagram
1:02:50 – Dealing with artists behind the scenes as a label owner
1:12:35 – Lil Nas X dropped a country song, Stans claim there’s no such thing as a worst album
1:20:35 – Nipsey Hussle tribute

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