On this week’s episode of the SoulBack R&B podcast, we bring in Tao Soprano formerly of the R&B group Dru Hill. Although he may not be an original member of the group, he spent over ten years with the group and definitely made an impact with his vocals. We talk to him about his new solo endeavor, the transition from being in a group to solo as well find out his origins with Dru Hill. We also get some perspective from him on what it’s like to join a group as a non-original member. Lots of wisdom is spilled on this podcast! We also discuss upcoming albums from the likes of Lyfe Jennings, Elle Varner and Chris Brown.

0:00:55 – Burger King has releases “real meals”
0:03:55 – Lyfe Jennings is set to release his album?
0:06:40 – Mary J. Blige and Nas have a new song and they’re going on tour soon
0:07:50 – The feature on Chris Brown’s new album as well as his legacy
0:16:03 – Is Elle Varner’s new project an EP, album or mixtape?
0:18:30 – Forcing ourselves to like bad CDs
0:20:27 – Tao joins us on the #SoulBackPodcast
0:21:45 – The departure from Dru Hill
0:24:00 – Challenges of being the new member in a group with a legacy already
0:29:10 – The key to being accepted by the fans
0:34:00 – New single “What Ever Happened to Love” and the solo journey
0:41:05 – The origins of Tao joining Dru Hill initially
0:46:53: SoulBack Track Of The Day: Bobby Valentino “Tell Me”
0:50:10: Playa Please Awards: Sonic movie, XXXTentacion wins Best R&B album, Paula Abdul’s hat throw

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