Brandi Blaque

For the first time ever, only one member of the #SoulBackPodcast is available to speak to the special guest, but it’s all good because we brought in Brandi from the group Blaque. Her group came into the scene back in the late 90’s with records such as “808” and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. We talk to Brandi about Blaque’s debut album as well as their unreleased album “Torch” which is set to come out later this week. We also talk to her about her sisterhood with Shamari as well as Natina. We also talk about discuss the state of Ciara’s career as well as new music from Kelly Rowland and Lucky Daye.

0:00:49 – KFC’s new Chachos dish
0:01:42 – RIP Melvin Edmonds of After 7
0:03:50 – Is Lucky Daye’s new project the album of the year?
0:05:25 – Kelly Rowland’s surprise EP
0:07:12 – Ciara’s mainstream career is over
0:11:48 – Putting money into your career as an independent artist
0:18:43 – The legacy of Sunshine Anderson’s “Heard It All Before”
0:22:00 – Playa Please Award: Artist asks for a fee to join the #SoulBackPodcast, Domino’s Pizza
0:29:55 – Brandi joins the #SoulBackPodcast
0:30:35 – Looking back at Blaque’s debut album
0:31:31 – The group’s connection with NSYNC*
0:35:40 – Blaque’s chemistry in the studio
0:40:10 – The release of “Torch” album 20 years later and her mixed opinions on the project
0:45:25 – The first time she realized the music business is not just about singing
0:46:45 – Grinding in the studio back in the day versus now
0:50:00 – The loyalty of Blaque fans

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