Jagged Edge Soulback podcast

We are back with another episode of the podcast and we have one of our favorite groups of all time with us. Kyle and Wingo of Jagged Edge join us to talk about their upcoming album “A Jagged Love Story”. We also highlight the group’s ability to make R&B cool for men to listen to. We also discuss their ability to understand their roles as a group and the keys to them staying together for this long, especially with every group breaking up these days. We also talk about Blaque’s new album “Torch” and give our thoughts on it. We also discuss new music from Tank, Shay Lia and B5. Check out the new episode!

0:00:37 – Empire, Star and Power will be canceled soon
0:02:02 – Our thoughts on Blaque’s “Torch” album
0:04:50 – Should unreleased music stay in the vault or should artist release it for the fans?
0:09:16 – Our love for Shay Lia’s new EP
0:10:44 – Tank adds Chris Brown to his new single “Dirty” as well a Keith Sweat sample
0:13:45 – Tyrese’s rant about streaming vs album sales
0:18:00 – Kyle and Wingo join us on the #SoulBackPodcast
0:19:01 – Jagged Edge’s epic run from 1999-2004
0:21:20 – Getting men to listen to R&B
0:22:31 – Details on Jagged Edge’s upcoming double album
0:25:13 – Showing vulnerability in the music
0:29:02 – Jagged Edge’s ability to stay together as a group
0:36:25 – What would the group be like if they had stayed with Michael Bivins instead of signing with So So Def?
0:38:40 – The first time they realized making music was going to be a real career
0:42:45 – Playa Please Award: B5’s new EP name is called “New Jacksons”???
0:44:06 – SoulBack Track Of The Day: Blaque & NSYNC – Bring It All To Me

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