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The SoulBack trio is back with a new episode of the podcast. There wasn’t a lot of new music this week so we looked back at some of our least favorite eras of R&B including 2009-2010. We also debate if Usher’s “Yeah!” is a timeless song or if it’s just a trendy song for its time. We also compare “This Is How We Do It” to “Yeah!”. We also talk about Sisqo’s second album and if it’s the worst R&B album of all time. We also bring in Spectacular Smith from Pretty Ricky to talk about the successful Millennium tour, Pretty Ricky’s history as well as his success with his company Adwizar. The company is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the world right now, so we pick Spectacular’s brain a little bit about social media. Lots of knowledge on this episode, so check it out!

0:01:00 – How do you eat your chicken wings? (part 2)
0:08:40 – Our least favorite era of R&B
0:19:00 – Is Sisqo’s “Return Of The Dragon” the worst R&B album of all time?
0:25:10 – The very confusing Elle Varner “full length EP” Ellevation
0:28:37 – Playa Please Awards: DJ Khaled’s lawsuit against Billboard, Chris Brown’s comments on Karrueche’s boyfriend, The camera panning to Drake all the time at the NBA Finals
0:40:00 – Spectacular joins the #SoulBackPodcast
0:41:24 – The success of The Millennium tour
0:44:30 – Balancing trendy versus core sound with new Pretty Ricky music
0:52:10 – Creating Pretty Ricky’s hits with Static Major
0:55:25 – Life after Pretty Ricky with his business Adwizar
1:00:35 – Challenges running your own business and understanding your brand
1:08:37 – Pretty Ricky’s plan to reach the people with their new album
1:13:11 – Applying corporate world knowledge to the music industry for Pretty Ricky

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