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The SoulBack R&B podcast is all about educating fans on the music industry, so we had to bring in the OG Eric Roberson. Erro has been independent his entire career, but that hasn’t stopped him from having a solid R&B career. His hustle and grind has allowed him sustain in this industry while a lot of artists that came out around the same time have struggled. We talk to Eric about his new album “LNS” as well his experiences in the industry as an independent artist. He shares some stories from his earlier days to explain the sacrifices he had to make in order to survive in the industry. We also talk about new music from the likes of Intro, Sabrina Claudio and J. Holiday. Check out the new podcast!

0:00:37 – How do you eat your chicken wings? (part 3)
0:03:38 – Raheem DeVaughn is dropping a second album in less than a year
0:08:05 – The necessity of putting a rapper on an R&B song today
0:14:00 – Sabrina Claudio’s new record with Wale
0:17:15 – Intro is back!
0:23:35 – More R&B king talk with Jacquees and Keith Sweat
0:27:10 – Eric Roberson joins the #SoulBackPodcast
0:28:14 – Eric Roberson’s consistent quality with his music
0:30:23 – The art of writing a sad song
0:34:00 – The journey as an independent artist
0:41:30 – Maintaining an artist’s individuality
0:48:15 – Legendary artists that are chasing trends
0:54:06 – How do we tell the new generation that trap music isn’t R&B?
1:08:28 – Playa Please Awards: Miley Cyrus begs for forgiveness from Hip Hop fans, KFC’s new Cheetos sandwich, Nelly’s tweet about Obama

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