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We are back with another episode of the #SoulBackPodcast. Since Edd missed the last episode that we had with Elle Varner, we had to make it up to him by bringing in one of his favorite groups of all time Kut Klose. We interview the 90’s female group that was discovered by the great Keith Sweat. We talk to Athena, Lavonn and Tabitha about their debut album “Surrender” as well as their experience in the industry. We also touch on Athena’s debut album that was supposed to come out and find out if they’re working on new music. On our end we talk about new projects from Elle Varner and Angie Stone. We also discuss the new Lion King movie with Beyonce. We also discuss Jadakiss’ weird pizza that he eats. And of course we get into deep conversation about the terms legend and classics.

0:00:24: Edd explains his absence last week
0:04:55: Our thoughts on Elle Varner’s new EP “Ellevation”
0:08:45: Our thought on Angie Stone’s new album “Full Circle”
0:11:07: The Lion King movie and the soundtrack from Beyonce
0:18:11: Ciara “Level Up” going platinum and the difference between streaming versus sales
0:23:40: Should an artist’s fame determine whether they’re a legend?
0:29:40: Does a viral challenge help an artist and single in the long run?
0:35:02: #SoulBack Track Of The Day: Case – Happily Ever After
0:36:13: Kut Klose joins the #SoulBackPodcast
0:38:36: Looking back at Kut Klose’s debut album “Surrender”
0:45:16: Working with Keith Sweat
0:48:50: The reason why Kut Klose only has one album and Athena Cage’s solo album that never came out
0:54:46: The key to having keeping a female R&B group together and new music coming soon
0:59:12: The motivation to put out new music
1:09:25: Playa Please Award: Jadakiss’ crust pizza, Lil Uzi Vert mistaken for fan by security, Aubrey O’Day/Barack Obama’s sperm

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