On this week’s #SoulBackPodcast episode, we have Raz B from B2k. We interview the star about his time in B2K, moving over to China for almost ten years and reuniting with his group for the Millennium tour. We also talk about Tank’s discography and try to figure out if he’s underrated or overrated. We also touch on Johnta Austin’s much anticipated debut album “Love, Sex & Religion”. We also debate whether the trendy sound from Bridget Kelly works for her and we also compare it to Meelah’s new single. We also rewind time and discuss 90’s music from the likes of Jodeci, Mary. Blige, H-Town and Blackstreet. Check us out!

0:00:28: Ranking Tank’s discography
0:09:30: Drake’s new album is actually a bunch of old songs?
0:13:30: Our thoughts on Johnta Austin’s “Love, Sex & Religion” album
0:17:20: Bridget Kelly’s new trendy song
0:20:39: The impact of Jodeci and Mary J. Blige’s debut albums
0:28:05: Raz B joins the #SoulBackPodcast
0:28:38: Talks about his experience living in China
0:34:30: B2K’s reunion and the Millennium tour
0:40:56: The group’s impact on R&B
0:46:03: Life after B2K and new project in 2019
0:52:40: SoulBack Track Of The Day: Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid
0:54:01: Playa Please Awards: Donald Trumps tweets about A$AP Rocky, fans rewriting history about Boyz II Men vs Jodeci

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