soulback episode 71

This week we talk about the release of Fantasia’s new album “Sketchbook”. We also discuss the careers of Jacquees and YK Osiris as they are considered some of the top young male R&B acts today. We also touch on Jacquees’ marketing strategy with naming his album “King Of R&B”. We also chat about Nivea’s surprise “Mirrors” album. We also review some of our favorite R&B songs from this past decade including Miguel’s “Adorn”. We also talk about the new Burger King Impossible Whopper. Check out this week’s #SoulBackPodcast

0:00:32 – Burger King’s Impossible Whopper Burger
0:03:10 – Our thoughts on Fantasia’s “Sketchbook” album
0:04:50 – YK Osiris gets destroyed on Twitter
0:10:40 – Jacquees renames his album “King Of R&B”
0:13:30 – Our thoughts on Ne-Yo’s Christmas album
0:16:30 – Nivea picked VladTV over us?!?!?!?!
0:30:08 – R&B albums these days only having a shell life of two years
0:36:20 – The top 10 best R&B songs from the past decade
0:46:05 – Overall thoughts on this decade of R&B and where we are today

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