Christmas is coming up so you know everyone is inside playing Mariah Carey! Well pause that for a second and check out the latest #SoulBackPodcast. On this week’s episode, we talk about the latest on Dru Hill as we recently saw Jazz back on stage with the group. We also talk about Mariah Carey potentially hitting number one with her Christmas record “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. We talk about the promo that she’s ramping up for the holiday and how that will impact her chart performance. We debate whether having a radio hit in 2019 is important for acts like Jon B and Sammie. We also reflect back on debut albums from Jill Scott and Jaheim.

0:00:30 – Plant based chicken nuggets
0:02:05 – The latest on Dru Hill…Jazz is potentially back with the group
0:04:53 – Does missing a group member ruin the experience for fans?
0:07:50 – Mariah Carey spending money to push her Christmas single to number one
0:10:15 – Is it beneficial for people like Sammie/Jon B to push songs to radio?
0:14:22 – The overall interest for new Usher music
0:19:32 – New music from Arin Ray and Rochelle Jordan
0:22:43 – Our thoughts on R&B veterans in today’s landscape when it comes to releasing albums
0:29:46 – Remembering Jill Scott’s debut album “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 ”
0:33:21 – Top 5 Neo Soul artists
0:39:30 – Reflecting on R&B in 2019
0:42:15 – Playa Please Award: The one date for Immature’s #TBTour
0:52:00 – #SoulBack Album Of The Day: Jaheim – Ghetto Love

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