soulback episode 81

Happy new year! We are back wit another episode of the podcast. This week we talk about the careers of Chrisette Michele, Alicia Keys and John Legend as all of them have seen their highs and lows over the past decade. We also discuss whether we’re still be able to attend concerts that are stand only as our knees have started deteriorating due to old age (sort of). We also discuss new music from Jayla Darden, Luke James and Kehlani. We also try to figure out where Monica’s “Chapter 38” album is. We look back at 112’s debut album to figure out what our least favorite song is. Lastly we discuss the marketing strategies from Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber as they tried to push their singles to the top of the charts.

0:02:14 – Which artist’s payroll are we on?
0:03:29 – Are we too old for standing only concerts?
0:06:45 – The current state of Chrisette Michele’s career
0:11:50 – Mariah Carey’s Christmas song hitting number one
0:20:00 – Our thoughts on Alicia Key’s new “Underdog” song and her career
0:26:55 – John Legend’s new song “Conversations in The Dark”
0:30:00 – New music Luke James, Jayla Darden, Kehlani & Keyshia Cole
0:36:35 – K-Ci & JoJo are set to release individual projects soon
0:39:50 – Does Monica need to rename her upcoming album “Chapter 39”?
0:44:00 – Analyzing K. Michelle and Tank’s recent tweets about the state of R&B
0:49:40 – Which song would you from this album: 112’s debut album
0:53:10 – Playa Please Awards: Barack Obama’s playlist, Justin Bieber begging his fans to stream his single, Irv Gotti turning down a million dollars from Michael Jackson

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