The Grammy’s happened last week but the bigger headline was that they’re apparently rigged according to their former CEO. We talk about why we’re not surprised about that at all. We also talk about Edd’s conversation that he had with someone from the Grammy’s when they mentioned that Cardi B deserved to win despite the fact that they hadn’t even heard the other albums. Lots of new R&B albums came out, but we didn’t get a chance to listen to all of them. We decided to talk about K. Michelle and Kevin Ross’ this week and gave our thoughts on those projects. We’ll be sure to talk about Luke James and Syleena Johnson next week. We also talk about the success of artists like Robin Thicke and The Bonfyre and whether the blue eyed soul movement still exists.

0:00:27 – The Grammy’s are rigged?!
0:02:55 – Edd’s Twitter battle with a Grammy committee
0:12:27 – Our thoughts on K. Michelle’s new album “All Monster Are Human”
0:16:40 – Will the Country community accept K. Michelle?
0:18:15 – Our thoughts on Kevin Ross’ new project “Audacity, Vol 1”
0:26:00 – R&B died when Robin Thicke dropped the “Paula” album apparently
0:30:04 – R&B should be judged based on quality, not skin color
0:34:30 – The Bonfyre has two radio hits but not a lot of buzz on the internet.
0:38:00 – Are people tired of the blue eyed soul movement?

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