We are back with another episode of the SoulBack R&B podcast. Like we mentioned last week, we would be talking about Luke James and Syleena Johnson’s new albums. Both are some of our favorites that have come out this year, so we had to give them some love. We also discuss Dru Hill’s single “What You Need” and also the potential group with Nokio and the rest of the guys. We also talk about Mase and Kelis telling everyone on the internet that their publishing was stolen from them due to bad contract that they signed early on. We give our take on how we feel about this from a business perspective as well as morally. We also rank Ginuwine’s discography on this episode and discuss Jennifer Lopez’s contributions to R&B.

0:00:55 – Dunkaroos are making a comeback!
0:03:04 – Our thoughts on Luke James’ new album “To Feel Love/D”
0:06:07 – Our thoughts on Syleena Johnson’s new album “Woman”
0:12:40 – Dru Hill’s new single “What You Need”
0:20:02 – Monica is working with The Neptunes
0:21:25 – Publishing discussion when it comes to Kelis/The Neptunes and Mase/Diddy
0:32:33 – Was Jennifer Lopez ever considered an R&B artist?
0:35:12 – Why are people coming after J-Lo for using the demo version’s background vocals?
0:40:43 – Is there still a demand for new R. Kelly music?
0:45:10 – Who is the R in R&B?
0:49:20 – Ranking Ginuwine’s Discography
0:59:13 – SoulBack Track Of The Day: Brian McKnight – Hold Me (featuring Kobe Bryant)

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