Welcome to the Valentine’s day edition of the podcast. We talk about JoJo Hailey’s new single “Special”, The Lil Duval/Tank/Jacquees sex song and PJ Morton’s new album “The Piano Album”. We also talk about this rumored Joe/Tyrese EP that’s set to come out. We also talk about Mashonda’s comeback thanks to her single “King”. We give our takes on who this project benefits more. We also debate whether Justin Bieber’s “R&Bieber” should be considered R&B music. We also discuss Mya’s “fake” marriage and whether it’s a good marketing plan. We also talk about Janet Jackson’s upcoming tour and album that she announced earlier last week.

0:00:07 – Valentine’s day sweets
0:02:15 – Our thoughts on JoJo Hailey’s new single “Special”
0:04:40 – None of the Jodeci members liked their last album?!
0:08:38 – Is R&Bieber actually R&B music?
0:15:20 – Our thoughts on PJ Morton’s new album “The Piano Album”
0:19:30 – Our review for “Nasty” by Lil Duval, Jacquees and Tank
0:23:25 – Mashonda’s comeback single “King” and looking back at “January Joy”
0:29:11 – Joe and Tyrese are creating an EP together
0:33:32 – Who does this collaboration benefit more: Tyrese or Joe?
0:38:00 – Mya got married?!?!?!
0:43:55 – Janet Jackson’s upcoming album and tour
0:52:40 – Discussions on recent news involving B2K, Dru Hill and 112
1:02:45 – SoulBack Track Of The Day: Mario – Let Me Love You
1:04:40 – Playa Please Award: 90’s veterans not being on the main stage at Essence Festival

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