The SoulBack team is back with another episode! With the 2020 Millennium tour coming up, we talked about some of the most popular artists from that era including Omarion and Ne-Yo. We talk about Omarion’s new single “Can You Hear Me?” with T-Pain as well as his potential upcoming joint album with Bow Wow. We also talk about Ne-Yo’s new song “Pinky Rain” and why we’re disappointing in him going in this direction especially with his divorce being publicized. We also talk about new music from Pretty Ricky (who sampled) LSG as well as Musiq’s new J-Dilla inspired mixtape. We also discuss the early disasters of the Lovers & Friends festival and why we think this will actually be a success. Lastly we talk about hypothetical moments in R&B such as if Sisqo never went solo and a third Floetry album. Make sure you check us out.

0:00:37 – Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony
0:02:31 – Bow Wow and Omarion are set to do another album together
0:04:15 – Our thoughts on Omarion and T-Pain’s new song “Can You Hear Me?”
0:10:40 – Did Omarion reach his full potential as a solo artist?
0:13:45 – Our thoughts on Ne-Yo’s new trap single “Pinky Ring”
0:21:20 – New music from Pretty Ricky, Musiq Soulchild and Bilal
0:29:00 – Looking back at key Dru Hill moments over the years
0:40:15 – Does Usher need to call his album “Confessions 2?”
0:43:10 – Will “Lovers & Friends” festival be the next Fyre Fest?
0:48:00 – #SoulBack Track Of The Day: Floetry – Say Yes
0:52:57 – Playa Please Award: T-Pain has a website dedicated to people hating him

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