It’s another week of being locked inside and we’re bored out of our minds. That means it’s time for us to talk R&B again! On this podcast, we talk about new songs from John Legend, dvsn and Tamar Braxton. All three are unique because they sample classic records from Usher, Whitney Houston and Dr.Dre. We discuss what’s acceptable when it comes to sampling records that everyone knows. We also touch on Dru Hill’s interview on The Breakfast Club and discuss Sisqo’s comments about Def Jam not wanting to release his solo album initially. We also get into some R&B trivia as we ask questions that you may or may not get right. Test out your knowledge and if you’re able to get a passing score!

0:00:10 – Surviving the quarantined life
0:05:25 – Our thoughts on new singles from John Legend, dvsn and Tamar Braxton sampling old classics
0:11:25 – Did Sisqo’s debut album “Unleash The Dragon” turn R&B into Hip Hop?
0:18:10 – R&B artists doing live concerts on Instagram
0:24:04 – Six tough R&B trivia questions for everyone
0:34:05 – When was the last time the best vocalist was the most successful?
0:39:33 – Will there be a new R&B star that appeals to both young and old listeners?
0:44:42 – Who would be in your male and female supergroups?
0:51:28 – SoulBack Album Of The Day: Kiley Dean – Simple Girl
0:56:22 – Playa Please Award: Keri Hilson’s Coronavirus/5G network theory, GameStop not closing shop

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