The quarantine is really starting to hit us as we didn’t see a lot of new R&B releases on Friday. Luckily for us, the two projects that did come out last week were both quality as Johnta Austin and Tank both released new EP’s. We also talk about Tank’s label situation currently as his new EP doesn’t have Atlantic Records in the credits. We speculate whether that means Tank is now an independent artist. We also discuss Brandy pushing back her single and whether that was the right move. We debate which if “FanMail” is actually better than “CrazySexyCool” or if the internet is being crazy once again. Lastly we have another fun R&B trivia for you, so definitely see if you can pass this one.

0:02:22 – The internet excitement for these producer/songwriter battles
0:05:06 – New music from Johnta Austin and Tank
0:13:00 – Was Brandy pushing back her single the right move?
0:18:47 – R&B artists should be giving back to their fans right now
0:23:10 – Better TLC Album: FanMail vs CrazySexyCool
0:28:11 – Having realistic expectations when R&B legends release new music
0:32:00 – R&B Trivia
0:42:30 – Rank these from most important to least: production, the melody, vocals and lyrics
0:51:20 – Best R&B songs that don’t have anything to do with love or sex
0:54:55 – Celebrating the music from Pebbles and Tracie Spencer

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