We’re back with another episode of the podcast. This week we talk about new music from Anthony Hamilton, Chloe x Halle and Ro James. We also talk about Jennifer Lopez potentially being on “What’s Love” instead of Ashanti. We discuss the state of R&B album releases with the pandemic going on from Alicia Keys, John Legend and Ro James. We also talk about Victoria Monet’s career as we try to figure out why she isn’t a bigger star. Lastly we talk about the legacy of City High and what their careers would have looked like if they didn’t split after their debit album.

0:02:00 – Chris Brown has 100 songs on the Hot 100 charts
0:03:25 – Irv Gotti and Ja Rule wanted Jennifer Lopez to be on Fat Joe’s “What’s Love” instead of Ashanti
0:06:20 – The technical difficulties on all these IG Live segments
0:09:00 – R&B Trivia: 90’s edition
0:21:40 – Our thoughts on Anthony Hamilton’s new song with Rick James “Back Together”
0:26:25 – Ro James’ new album is coming out in two weeks but he’s not ready??
0:33:45 – Our thoughts on Chloe x Halle’s new single “Do It”
0:35:40 – Why hasn’t Victoria Monet’s career popped off with all the talent that she has?
0:42:10 – The lack of excitement for new music from John Legend and Alicia Keys
0:45:30 – Should merch bundles count towards performance on the Billboard Hot 100 charts?
0:52:40 – SoulBack Track Of The Day: City High – Caramel
0:57:44 – Playa Please Award: People getting advice and advise confused, Kehlani/Justin Bieber’s R&B tweet

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