Alicia Keys Fallin


Next up in our Top 10 Best Songs feature we take the time to celebrate the discography of Alicia Keys. There is no doubting the fact that she has crafted a legendary career while looking back at the nearly two decades of music she’s given us.

The singer has released six albums to date and her seventh should be here sometime later this year. She carved out a lane for herself with her piano skills and unique blend of R&B, before evolving her sound and emerging as a global superstar.

We’ve often felt that Alicia Keys is actually underrated when you look at her contributions to R&B over the years. You could make a case that many of her albums will eventually be considered classics. Although she’s evolved into more of a pop artist through the years while experimenting with different sounds, she has definitely left us with a legendary catalog of music.

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Without further ado, here is our list in chronological order:


Fallin (from the “Songs in A Minor” album)

The song that introduced the world to a new young legend. The throwback sound of the song and undeniable vocals immediately grabbed our attention.
Alicia Keys Fallin


Girlfriend (from the “Songs in A Minor” album)

The hip hop heavy production with the ODB sample from Jermaine Dupri showed us another side of Alicia Keys.
Alicia Keys Girlfriend Single Cover


Jane Doe (featuring Kandi) (from the “Songs in A Minor” album)

A favorite album cut of ours from her debut album. This duet with Kandi Burress still sounds fresh.
Alicia Keys Songs in A Minor


You Don’t Know My Name (from “The Diary of Alicia Keys” album)

Alicia sounds amazing over this soulful Kanye West production.
Alicia Keys You Dont Know My Name


Diary (featuring Tony! Toni! TonĂ©!) (from “The Diary of Alicia Keys” album)

A touching and personal ballad which is really made special by Alicia on the keys and her memorable melodies.
Alicia Keys Diary Single Cover


No One (from the “As I Am” album)

This #1 single represents the moment we knew Alicia would emerge from the R&B genre to become a global Pop star.
Alicia Keys No One


Like You’ll Never See Me Again (from the “As I Am” album)

This sensual ballad is timeless sonically and also lyrically. Alicia has always had a way of portraying love stories in her own words.
Alicia Keys Like Youll Never See Me Again


Teenage Love Affair (from the “As I Am” album)

A groovy and fresh song with unique lyrics that you could still nod your head to today.
Alicia Keys Teenage Love Affair


Love is Blind (from “The Element of Freedom” album)

Alicia in her most raw form. One of her most aggressive songs to date.
Alicia Keys Love is Blind


Fire We Make (featuring Maxwell) (from the “Girl on Fire” album)

A timeless ballad and epic duet with the legendary Maxwell.
Alicia Keys Fire We Make Maxwell


Honorable Mention:

-A Woman’s Worth (from the “Songs in A Minor” album)

-How Come You Don’t Call Me (from the “Songs in A Minor” album)

-Rear View Mirror (from the “Dr. Doolittle 2” soundtrack)

-Karma (from “The Diary of Alicia Keys” album)

-Slow Down (from “The Diary of Alicia Keys” album)

-Unbreakable (from the “Unplugged” album)

-Superwoman (from the “As I Am” album)

-Wreckless Love (from the “As I Am” album)

-Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart (from “The Element of Freedom” album)

-Listen to Your Heart (from the “Girl on Fire” album)

-That’s When I Knew (from the “Girl on Fire” album)

-Blended Family (What You Do for Love) (from the “Here” album)

-Show Me Love (featuring Miguel) (from the “Alicia” album)