In the next edition of our Artist Top 10 Best Songs List feature, we take a look at the legendary discography of D’Angelo. This is a career that spans over 25 years and includes many timeless singles despite only three albums being released.

D’Angelo remains one of the most elusive R&B superstars you will find, but when he has taken the time to pop up to release a body of work, it’s always been of high quality. You can easily make an argument that the three albums he has released, “Brown Sugar”, “Voodoo”, and “Black Messiah” are classics, but we won’t take up that discussion here.

We simply revisited his catalog and attempted to identify which are the best songs he’s released so far. Of course we couldn’t help ourselves but to include a few honorable mention tracks as well.

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Without further ado, here is our List of The Top 10 Best D’Angelo Songs in chronological order.


Brown Sugar (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

The standout cut from his classic album which help define the neo-soul sound we’d grow to love and introduced us to his slick word play.
D'Angelo Brown Sugar


Alright (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

This funky and uplifting album cut from D’Angelo’s debut is our favorite choice for a song that should have been a single.

D'Angelo Brown Sugar Album Cover


When We Get By (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

You really could not go wrong with any song you chose from D’Angelo’s debut album, it has no skips from front to back. “When We Get By” happens to be another favorite of ours.

D'Angelo Brown Sugar Album Cover


Lady (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

The most commercially successful song on the R&B Charts from D’Angelo’s debut and surely a timeless hit.

D'Angelo Lady


I Found My Smile Again (from the “Space Jam” soundtrack)

This gem was tucked onto the “Space Jam” soundtrack and is for sure a standout.

Space Jam Soundtrack


Your Precious Love (featuring Erykah Badu) (from the “High School High” soundtrack)

This timeless collaboration among two of the founders of the neo-soul movement is one of the best duets in the 90’s.

High School High Soundtrack


Untitled (How Does It Feel) (from the “Voodoo” album)

Perhaps overshadowed by the video, it’s still become the signature song of D’Angelo’s career to date.


Send It On (from the “Voodoo” album)

We always felt this was a great choice as a single as a great representation of the “Voodoo” album.

D'Angelo Send It On


Really Love (from the “Black Messiah” album)

This was the second single released from “D’Angelo’s most recent album and it has the singer in vintage form.

D'Angelo Really Love


Another Life (from the “Black Messiah” album)

This stunning musical masterpiece was the final song on the “Black Messiah” album.

D'Angelo Black Messiah Album Cover


Honorable Mention:

-Me and Those Dreamin Eyes of Mine (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

-Higher (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

-Cruisin (from the “Brown Sugar” album)

-Heaven Must Be Like This (from the “Down in the Delta” soundtrack)

-Devils’ Pie (from the “Voodoo” album)

-Africa (from the “Voodoo” album)

-Sugah Daddy (from the “Black Messiah” album)